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10/$10 Rainbow Magic The Fun Day Fairies

10/$10 Rainbow Magic The Fun Day Fairies


Collection Type Personal Collection
Condition Pre Owned
ISBN 978-0-545-06761-4
Author Daisy Meadows
Language English
Publisher Little Apple


Select 10 Fairy Paperback books for $10 Just let me know which ones you would like and I can put them all in one order.

Rainbow Magic: The Fun Day Fairies "Sienna the Saturday Fairy"

The Fun Day Fairies each add spunk and sparkle to their special day of the week!  But when Jack Frost steals their magic, they need Rachel and Kirsty's help.  Without the fairies' special flags, every day will be gloomy and glum.

Rachel and Kirsty are going to be in a fashion show, but it won't be much fun without Sienna the Saturday Fairy's flag!  Can they find it before the goblins do?

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